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The Significance of Diversity

What reviewers are saying It is possible to be aggressive and dominant, but the term suggests the dog attacks because it is dominant. No dog attacks another because of dominance.

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Dominance aims at controlling the other by means of ritualized behavior, without harming or injuring it This is a book for all students of animal behavior who wish to uncover the whys and hows of canine social behavior. Roger Abrantes, Ph.

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He is probably one of the most versatile ethologists in the world. Abrantes is especially known for his views on social behavior and its applications to the understanding of pet behavior, and for his working methods where he uses psychology rather than the power to teach an animal new patterns patiently and efficiently, step-by-step. His present work involves research into the evolution of human behavior. He received his PhD training in comparative studies of forebrain organization in mammals in the laboratory of I.

Organizations Evolving

Diamond at Duke University, and postdoctoral training studying cortical organization in the comparative neurophysiology laboratory of C. Woolsey at the University of Wisconsin. His research has focused on determining the organizations of sensory and motor systems in mammals, especially in primates, with an effort to understand the evolution of the forebrain from early mammals to present-day humans. He has published over research papers and reviews.

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On Organizational Learning, 2nd Edition

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The book argues that these processes can be approached by using a number of different units of analysis and talks about the general problems associated with selection bias that evolutionary theories deal with and how these may apply to organizations as well. The book then tries to give a solid literature review of organization theory more broadly by using the VSR variation, selection, retention model.

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It discusses how population ecology, institutionalism both new and old , the interpretive approach which the authors argue describes a number of organizational ethnographies , organizational learning, resource dependence, and transaction cost economics can all be discussed in terms of evolutionary dynamics and pressures.

The book discusses entrepreneurship at length and pulls largely from Ruef and Aldrich's joint work on The structure of founding teams: Homophily, strong ties, and isolation among U.

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Aldrich and Ruef's book which cannot easily be disentangled from Aldrich's influential earlier editions in terms of citations has been cited more than 2, in the broad literature on organizations. Jump to: navigation , search. Theoretical and practical relevance: Aldrich and Ruef's book which cannot easily be disentangled from Aldrich's influential earlier editions in terms of citations has been cited more than 2, in the broad literature on organizations.