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New special topics courses will be developed based on the research generated in the project and the notes will be shared with the community. The results of the research will be actively disseminated via technical research papers and talks at national and international conferences.

On the optimal control of some parabolic partial differential equations arising in economics

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Optimization with Partial Differential Equations

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Recent Results on Second Order Optimality Conditions in Control of Partial Differential Equations

After reading this book, the reader will be familiar with the main principles of the numerical analysis of PDE-constrained optimization. The book provides a thorough and self-contained introduction The presentation of the material is clear and self-contained. A great deal of attention is paid to careful exposition of relevant supporting tools from nonlinear analysis and PDEs. A wealth of examples The material presented is fairly complete, self-contained and well exposed.

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Optimal control for Partial Differential Equations

Ordering on the AMS Bookstore is limited to individuals for personal use only. Advanced search. Abstract: Optimal control theory is concerned with finding control functions that minimize cost functions for systems described by differential equations. Volume: Publication Month and Year: Copyright Year: Page Count: Cover Type: Hardcover. Print ISBN Online ISBN Print ISSN: Online ISSN: Primary MSC: 49 ; 35 ; Applied Math?

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