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Random photographs can go viral. Of course, there are also the exceptional measures taken for certain clients. In the same establishment, a princess from the United Arab Emirates customarily books seven rooms, one of which is for her luggage. She also demands direct access to the lift, and her own personal chef in the kitchen who uses his own ingredients. Industry professionals are now going beyond just organizing trips , but curating entire experiences which can include elements of everything from traditional culture to contemporary art.

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Today what is also changing is the very concept of luxury , with simpler pleasures taking center stage. The image of a bottle of champagne and two glasses next to a jacuzzi is now being replaced by olive picking and a picnic in an olive grove. Right now, Greece is fashionable.

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If I know that someone is an artist, a curator or has a gallery, for instance, I know that after a couple of days they will want to come in contact with other artists. A star chef will relax , eat at a taverna , but a couple of days later will ask to visit the kitchen. I have top chef clients who are inspired by Greek cuisine. Some choose to plan their trips outside of the high season, while business tourism is also on the rise with companies organizing retreats and brainstorming sessions for their executives.

Many visiting VIPs are also interested in the political and socioeconomic situation in the country, with some also expressing the desire to help in some way. Others help Greek products reach places they are connected to. Will we ever learn exactly which VIPs fell in love with Greece this year under a veil of secrecy? Sign in to see reasons why you may or may not like this based on your games, friends, and curators you follow. The ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association.

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Install Steam. Your Store. Store Home. Games Games. Software Software. Software Hub. Hardware Hardware. Community Hub. All Reviews:. It's hard, but not impossible. You just have to almost completely shut off your brain to the current standard and be aware that looks really aren't everything. Yes, it's still a great game, just one that happens to be one of the worst looking ever released in the Xbox's history.

What a dilemma. There are undoubtedly a barrel load of genuinely good reasons as to why Codemasters and Bohemia ported the game so faithfully and didn't update the graphics engine or the character models, but it's desperately disappointing to think that so many potential fans of the game won't be able to see past the shambling soldiers, vile texturing and amateurish presentation.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Mission 7 - Coruscant - Operation: Knightfall (Elite)

Cramming such wide open maps into the relative confines of the Xbox was evidently enough of a challenge on its own, and one that took years to satisfactorily accomplish - but it's unlikely Joe public will understand this. Getting a no-compromises version to run at a decent frame rate with minimal pop-up was apparently a huge challenge on the Xbox, yet who's around in the press to understand this and educate the public otherwise? We'll give it a go. Like Codies said, they could have released a stripped down version easily, but they loved the way it was too much.

Kudos for that, but in a way it's one of those conversions that probably should have been abandoned so that it could remain fondly remembered for what it represented back then. Dragging it into the current era on a machine it was never designed for is unfair. The brand's heritage deserves more than to be given a kicking by unsympathetic critics. For what you actually get within this decent-value package, it's hard to argue too hard.

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In terms of content, it's the full Monty, with the entire odd mission-long Cold War Crisis campaign, an additional mission long 'Resistance' prequel campaign starring the infamous Victor Troska , as well as loads of individual single-missions, the ability to create your own missions and full co-op or competitive online play over Xbox Live. If you've never played it before, then in many senses you're in for a treat. As we said in our opening salvo, its single-player design is - in several respects that count - more progressive and ambitious than any other military shooter out there.

Playing through it all over again only serves to remind us how much unparalleled freedom Bohemia gives players throughout each mission.

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It doesn't always come off, mind you, but the more you play it, the more you're struck with admiration over what the game's trying to do. Unlike so many war games, there are no cheap thrills on offer - whatever entertainment you glean is earned, and whatever you've missed might not be all that apparent. Set in the Cold War era of , you play as various characters caught up in a burgeoning conflict where it's not entirely clear who the enemy really is.

As part of a heavily outnumbered US force based in Eastern Europe, it's your duty as the nearest NATO force to investigate the source of the conflict and sort things out.

Soon enough things become a little clearer, but not before you've been captured, set free again and engaged with a well-drilled, heavily armed Soviet force that strikes with ruthless precision. In common with any other shooter, you're delivered a rough set of mission objectives and essentially left to get on with it however you see fit. To begin with, most of the missions play themselves out with your role reduced to a mere spectator on many occasions. A well-drilled AI force generally gets on with the task at hand pretty effectively without your input, effectively serving as little more than a mission-based tutorial for much of the first half of the campaign.

It's a fairly underwhelming introduction to the game as a result, with most early missions over and done with in a matter of minutes. But after schooling you in some of the vehicles such as tanks, jeeps and eventually aircraft the real meat of the game begins to become apparent, with your promotion leading to a more strategic experience, where commanding your squads and issuing orders is as important as putting bullets between enemy eyes. In the loosest sense, Operation Flashpoint is a straightforward run-and-gun first- or third-person shooter, but with this extra strategic layer there's a far greater scope to plan each mission with the kind of military precision that so few games in the genre seem willing to grant players.

And such is the flexibility of the design, you can pretty much wash your hands of any kind of strategic involvement if that's not your thing, with the ability to simply run around each mission with soldiers following obediently behind, or send them up ahead to do your dirty work for you. Along the way, the game does give you a pretty decent, gradual tutorial in exactly how to issue commands to specific squaddies, allowing you to quickly send them marching or driving off to wherever you want via a seamless and largely intuitive system of branching menus.

Accessible via the d-pad, a few quick taps are all you ever need to issue even the most complex order. As far as converting the controls to a joypad goes, it's an excellent system that works well.