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Assessing the Department of Juvenile Justice’s (DJJ) Sourcebook of Delinquency Interventions

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Audiobook: Juvenile justice sourcebook past present and future by Roberts Albert R.

Further, typically the reach of the e book shop is immense, permitting an individual living in Sydney to source out in order to a publication house in Chicago. Each chapter, authored by preeminent expert practitioners and researchers, explores topics ranging from innovative counseling and multisystemic programs, to restorative justice, to rehabilitation programs such as aggression replacement training, wilderness programs, family treatment, substance abuse treatment, restitution, and aftercare.

This volume, grounded in history and exhaustive research, presents the latest evidence-based policies, programs, and innovative treatment alternatives. Examining the entire juvenile justice system, including juvenile law, policies, practices, and research, the Juvenile Justice Sourcebook will be invaluable to all juvenile justice practitioners, policy analysts, researchers, and students.

Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research

This book has ten special features: 1. It provides a comprehensive discussion of the critical issues, controversies, public policies, and intervention strategies and programs of the juvenile justice system. It features up-to-date and poignant case studies to illustrate and profile juvenile drug dealers, murderers, burglars, mentally ill offenders, auto thieves, violent gang members, runaways, and youths growing up in violent homes.

It presents the latest information on prevalence trends and juvenile justice processing and decision-making from arrest to intake, prosecution, adjudication, and case disposition. It features the latest research evidence that indicates that putting juvenile offenders into adult jails and secure juvenile institutions leads many juveniles into committing more serious and violent crimes upon release.

It presents the latest longitudinal research evidence on the 10 model programs most likely to reduce recidivism. It provides the latest descriptive information on the types, functions, and legal responsibilities of the various juvenile justice agencies and institutions.

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It contains a complete discussion ont he landmark U. Supreme Court cases on the legal rights of juveniles, including death penalty cases of the past and predictions for the year 2, It provides an extensive discussion of the strengths and limitations of institutions, residential treatment centers, group homes, probabtion, family counseling, structured wilderness programs, vocational training programs; and conflict resolution programs in schools, skill-based programs in juvenile detention, group therapy with mentally ill and substance abusing juveniles; and restitution, electronic monitoring, and victim offender mediation programs in probation settings.

It includes a detailed glossary of key terms and definitions. It contains 15 photographs.

Excerpt Like many individuals—informed citizens, legislators, attorneys, police officers, judges, librarians, and juvenile justice professionals—I have been fascinated, frustrated, and challenged by the agencies and institutions that constitute the juvenile justice system. Lou University of North Carolina Press, Read preview Overview.

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