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This is a great step for all new investors. You are the senior debt holder first position on lien. The investment duration is usually 6 — 24 months and income usually paid out monthly. This product is considered their least risky investment for investors and has been around since the beginning. You provide bridge loan for sponsors and are a lower position in the capital stack.

The investment period is usually 2 -3 years. This is where I will probably focus most of my investments since I already own single family residences. You are an equity owner alongside the sponsor and take part in profits once preferred returns are hit. Typical duration is 5 years, but can be as short as 3 years.


This creates some volatility and traders LOVE volatility. So, if you want in, here's how to buy cryptocurrencies. Hummel dolls. Beanie Babies. When I was younger, I loved comic books. I would tell my mom that those comics would be worth something one day. My mom would always tell me they're only worth what someone will pay for them. Most collectibles are too mass-produced to be valuable. Many of the toys that are valuable today are only valuable because they survived. I used to play with my toys and that usually doesn't help them stay valuable. Or in one piece! The most valuable baseball card in the world is the T Honus Wagner baseball card made by the American Tobacco Company.

You can watch documentaries about this card, worth over three million bucks , but very few collectibles ever reach this point. The most valuable stamp in the world is the Treskilling Yellow. It's a Swedish postage stamp with a color error and it is one-of-a-kind. It's hard to look at different types of collectibles and try to come up with a blanket rate of appreciation. All we know is that they often lag the stock market. But the fun of collectibles isn't in the rate of return. It's in owning a rare item as well as how it may appreciate.

If you can get past how morbid this sounds, it's no different than any other kind of real estate. There isn't a Redfin for burial plots, so the data gathering is a bit harder, but you can buy and sell burial plots like any other piece of property. One of the best places to look happens to be Craigslist.

A Fun & Irresponsible Guide to Alternative Investments

Here's a look at what was available near Baltimore, Maryland:. Prices will vary based on the area. They run anywhere from a few hundred bucks for a plot to a few thousand, based on location.

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When you buy or sell, it's coordinated with the cemetery's representative. Oh, and here's a little bit of morbid humor. That's usually an error on the part of the seller. A cemetery won't bury someone in a plot that's already being used. I'm not sure what the returns are on this type of investment but it's fascinating it's even a possibility.

Ok, this isn't all that fun but this was something a friend of mine asked me about and I include it on this list so I can dissuade you from doing it. The basic idea is that Forever Stamps will continue to go up in value over time. You buy them for the cost of first-class postage today, which is fifty cents.

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Before getting into the numbers, the logistics of this are bad. Where will you be able to sell the stamps? To friends? To a business? How will they know these aren't fake if you don't already have an existing relationship? Will the transaction costs eat into the profits and make this a losing or at least poor proposition? Finally, the math says this is silly. If you look at the price of a postage stamp over time, the increase has lagged inflation.

That's an annual rate of increase that slightly lags inflation… and that's before taking into account transaction costs. If you have, then you know about mineral rights. If you own property that sits on valuable natural resources, you can sell the mineral rights to a company who will extract those minerals.

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  7. While the term is minerals, it can be anything from rocks to oil to gas to some other precious resource. The most valuable minerals are the ones you expect — oil, gas, gold, copper, diamonds, and coal. People who own mineral rights may be looking to turn their stream of income into a lump sum payout. You can potentially buy their rights, collect the payments, and earn a lucrative return.

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    It can be a very competitive world so do your due diligence before you buy or sell mineral rights. I started around the Revised Edition period and still have a box of cards in my basement that spans the Revised to Ice Age period, with a few earlier cards mixed in. As you would expect, these cards now have a little bit of value. While Roth IRAs can offer more accessibility, if you withdraw money from a traditional IRA before retirement age, penalties and taxes will be applied. While k s have the benefit of being tax-exempt when you invest the money, some argue k s can be a rip off due to high costs, poor investment choices, and bad behavior on the part of plan managers.

    But if your employer offers to match all or part of your k contribution, most would advise participating. If you leave your job, your k can be rolled over into an IRA. Real estate is a popular way to invest.

    Real estate is attractive to those who prefer to invest in something tangible. If you are knowledgeable about the realities of the housing market, investing in real estate may be a good option. Some choose to purchase income property, which can be used for regular rental income. A lot can go wrong in peer-to-peer lending. Peer-to-peer lending is a newly popular investment opportunity, so it should be approached with caution. That said, many investors are seeing decent returns with websites such as Lending Club and Prosper. Essentially, investors lend what could be very small sums to peers, and they pay it back with interest.

    The risk with peer-to-peer lending is that your loans can go into default, which leaves you at a loss. However, when you decide to invest a certain amount of money with Lending Club or another lending site, you can split up that sum among many borrowers, thereby keeping your portfolio diversified. Some vintage Ferraris are now worth more than their weight in gold.