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Edited by J. Wilmore, KY: a positive valuation of translation which includes, among Emeth Press, The drawbacks to the volume are the apparent the encountered other. This book is distractingly inconsistent typesetting throughout the book. Christian renewal and revitalization. Although a dozen of the By Kenneth Oakes. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Those much debated but seldom studied in its due depth. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, Commendable not Like John V.

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Strunk churches, including leading Pentecostal theologians. By James K.

  1. Multiple Religious Belonging: Hermeneutical Challenges for Theology of Religions : Open Theology!
  2. The Foundations of Anti-Apartheid: Liberal Humanitarians and Transnational Activists in Britain and the United States, c.1919–64;
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  4. Cultural Liturgies 2. Grand importance of emotion and sensuality in theology. By Dale M.

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    Albany: State University kingdom. A new foreword responds to concerns raised by Brito, imagination-turned-desire. Otherwise, the main claim aims more directly at establishing not only catechesis text and footnotes remain unaltered and the initial argu- but worldview.

    For that purpose, Smith will have to forsake ment intact. Edited by Mary J.

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    Minneapolis, MN: philosophy. Rather, Hegel boldly contends that his triadic Fortress Press, Green logue with the emancipatory discourses of liberation from Pentecostal Theological Seminary gendered, racial, sexual, and cultural oppressions. By Wolfgang Vondey. Vondey provides a descriptive overview of Pentecostal comprises both the strength as well as some inevitable limi- spirituality, history, theology, and socio-cultural praxis.

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    The cultural milieu of the egalitarian practices vs. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America dominates the anti-intellectualism form the distinctives that characterize volume while the cultural, class, ethnic, and theological Pentecostalism in its multivalent forms and extremes. The diversity is much broader than that in contemporary North book situates Pentecostalism in its place in the Christian American Lutheranism. Without doubt, this is a stimulating, landscape and responds to its phenomenal growth world- informative, and useful volume for students, scholars, and wide, giving emphasis to questions of gender and race as all who seek a discerning dialogue with the tradition.

    By Scott R. Strategic appreciated in this book. First, Vondey selects the major Initiatives in Evangelical Theology. This is an important sation. Edited for his own constructive proposals. Swain shows himself to by Wolfgang Vondey. Eugene, OR: Pickwick, The introduction traces the history of resourced by sound theological scholarship. At certain one hundred years of Pentecostal participation in Christian points, however, he seems to settle too quickly on a particu- unity.

    Anyone con- from established ecumenical dialogues. The agreements highlighted in of Churches through a recapitulation of meetings; the third this study encourage further cooperation among American narrative offers a summary report of Pentecostal ecumenical Pentecostal scholarship and introduce its proposals to a dialogue in the European context; the fourth narrative larger conversation. By Chris- on theological agreements and disagreements between tine E. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress Press, Oneness and Trinitarian Pentecostals.

    This volume provides Pp.

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    None- torical and contemporary contexts that inform debates in theless, such accessibility does not constitute reception or and among religious communities related to food; work and comprehension, and more exhaustive commentary would livelihood; body appearance, covering, and identity; sex and better serve readers less conversant in ecumenical studies marriage; family creation and nurturing; anger, violence, with Pentecostal participation.

    By Nigel Paul Willis. Inter- for the perspectives and experiences of students to be dis- national Theology Frankfurt: Peter Lang, This volume will be most helpful in American under- tions of contemporary American scholars of Pentecostalism graduate classrooms, though some augmentation with basic to an understanding of the movement. Four scholars repre- introductions to the traditions as well as primary source sent the American efforts: historian Grant Wacker, sociolo- material which the book does not contain will be helpful.

    Most widely held works by Marianne Moyaert. Fragile identities : towards a theology of interreligious hospitality by Marianne Moyaert 10 editions published in in English and held by 1, WorldCat member libraries worldwide Can one maintain one's religious identity without closing oneself from the other? In general, Christian reflection on interreligious dialogue begins with a theological reflection on religious plurality that assumes that one cannot engage seriously in interreligious dialogue without a sound theology of religions.

    In this book, Marianne Moyaert critically assesses the various models for a Christian theology of religions exclusivism, inclusivism, pluralism, particularism by asking how these models relate to the dialogical tension between openness and identity. She argues that we need to overcome the classical theological approach of religious plurality and move in the direction of a theological hermeneutics of interreligious hospitality.

    To that end she turns to Paul Ricoeur, whose philosophical and hermeneutical insights can give a new turn to the discussion of the criteria, possibilities, and particularly the limits of interreligious dialogue. In response to the religious other : Ricoeur and the fragility of interreligious encounters by Marianne Moyaert 10 editions published in in English and Undetermined and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide In the vast collection of his writings, the French philosopher Paul Ricoeur only sporadically raised the issue of interreligious dialogue.

    In this book, comparative theologian Marianne Moyaert argues that Ricoeur'ss hermeneutical philosophy offers valuable signposts for a better understanding of the complexities related to interreligious dialogue.

    By revisiting the key insights of Ricoeur's wider oeuvre from the perspective of interfaith dialogue, Moyaert elaborates a Ricoeurian interreligious hermeneutic. In Response to the Religious Other provides a coherent interreligious reading of Ricoeur's philosophy of religion, his hermeneutical anthropology, his ethical hermeneutics. Moyaert shows that Ricoeur makes an exceptionally rewarding conversation partner for anyone wishing to explore the complex issues associated with interreligious dialogue. This book is essential for studies of hermeneutics, ethics, religious philosophy, global cooperation and hospitality, comparative theology, and religious identity.

    Ritual participation and interreligious dialogue : boundaries, transgressions, and innovations by Marianne Moyaert Book 12 editions published between and in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Shared ritual practices, multi-faith celebrations, and interreligious prayers are becoming increasingly common in the USA and Europe as more people experience religious diversity first hand.

    Contents About. Volume By: Jan Peter Schouten. Publication Date: 19 Mar A Comparative Theology of Divine Possessions. By: Joshua Samuel. Openness and Resistance.

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    By: Jan-Olav Henriksen. Publication Date: 22 Jul By: Aron Engberg. Publication Date: 24 Oct Ways of Seeing the Religious Other. Publication Date: 16 Oct A study of texts from the Common Word dialogue process. Publication Date: 23 Oct By: Jakob W. Publication Date: 01 Nov Identity as Dialogue. By: Melanie Barbato. Publication Date: 18 Sep Retrospection and Future Prospects.

    Publication Date: 07 Sep By: Anne Hege Grung. Publication Date: 25 Sep Towards a Theology of Migration. Editor s : Judith Gruber and Sigrid Rettenbacher. Publication Date: 24 Jun Mehtonen and Antti Salminen. Publication Date: 05 Mar Publication Date: 11 Oct Towards a Pentecostal Public Theology. By: Joseph Quayesi-Amakye. Publication Date: 01 Jan Medical Ethics from Islamic and Western Perspectives. Editor s : Hendrik M. The Hidden Christ in Western Art since By: Martien E.

    Philosophical and Interreligious Perspectives. Editor s : Frederiek Depoortere and Magdalen Lambkin.