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This book describes the three main types of nonlinear-response materials: ferroic materials, soft materials, and nanostructured materials. Information processing by biological and artificial smart structures is also discussed. A smart structure typically has sensors, actuators, and a control and communication system.

Progress in all these aspects of smart structures has leant heavily on mimicking Nature, and the all-important notion in this context has been that of evolution. Artificial Darwinian and Lamarckian evolution holds the key to the development of truly smart structures. Modestly intelligent robots are already on the horizon. Projections about the low-cost availability of adequate computing power and memory size indicate that the future really belongs to smart structures.

This book covers in a compact format the entire gamut of concepts relevant to smart structures. It should be of interest to a wide range of students and professionals in science and engineering. Takashi Fujimoto Abstract: This book presents a theoretical framework of plasma spectroscopy, in which the observed spectral line intensities or the populations of excited levels of atoms or ions immersed in plasma are interpreted in terms of the characteristics of the plasma. Following a review of important atomic processes in plasma, the rate equation governing the populations in excited levels and the ground state is solved in the collisional-radiative model.

In this model, plasmas are classified into the ionizing plasma and the recombining plasma. Various features of these plasmas are examined. Ionization and recombination of atoms and ions are also treated in the model. An emission-line intensity is proportional to the ionization flux or to the recombination flux, and thus the ionization-balance plasma produces less intense emission lines. The recombination continuum intensity continues smoothly to the series lines, originating from levels in local thermodynamic equilibrium, so that the Boltzmann plot of the population of these levels is extended to the continuum-state electrons.

Line broadening mechanisms are discussed, including the Stark broadening. Radiation transport gives rise to a modification to the emission line profile and to an effective decrease in the transition probability; the latter problem is treated in two alternative approaches. Phenomena characteristic of dense plasma are discussed, including the excitation and deexcitation processes of ions involving doubly excited levels and a modification to the Saha relationship.

Reddy Abstract: This book presents the theory and computer implementation of the finite element method as applied to nonlinear problems of heat transfer and similar field problems, fluid mechanics flows of incompressible fluids , and solid mechanics elasticity, beams and plates. Both geometric as well as material nonlinearities are considered, and static and transient that is, time-dependent responses are studied.

Although there exist a number of books on nonlinear finite elements that serve as good references for engineers who are familiar with the subject and wish to learn advanced topics or the latest developments, there is currently no book that is suitable as a textbook for a first course on nonlinear finite element analysis. This book fills the void in the market, providing a clear understanding of the concepts of nonlinear finite element analyses through detailed theoretical formulations and computer implementation steps, examples and exercises, in a tutorial, user-oriented style.

In addition, the book is a useful reference for industrial engineers and scientists, and serves as a prelude to more advanced books on the subject. Iwo Bialynicki-Birula and Iwona Bialynicka-Birula Abstract: This book covers a wide range of subjects concerning the use of computer modeling to solve a diverse set of problems. The book covers some advanced topics cellular automata, Shannon measure of information content, dynamical systems, deterministic chaos, fractals, statistical linguistics, game theory, neural networks, genetic algorithms, Turing machines, and artificial intelligence.

These advanced subjects are explained in terms of well known simple concepts such as the Game of Life, probability and statistics, Galton's board, Shannon's formula, game of twenty questions, game theory, and a format similar to a television quiz. Twenty-five programs written specifically for the book greatly enhance its pedagogical value and the enjoyment of learning. Jean Zinn-Justin Abstract: The book is an introduction to quantum field theory and renormalization group. It shows that these frameworks are essential for the understanding of phenomena belonging to many different areas of physics, which range from phase transitions in macroscopic systems to the theory of fundamental interactions.

This book emphasizes the common aspects of particle physics and the theory of critical phenomena in a unified framework.

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Three new chapters have been included in this edition: an introduction to non-relativistic quantum statistical physics; a chapter on critical phenomena in non-magnetic systems, polymers, liquid-vapour, and helium superfluid transitions; and a chapter on finite temperature relativistic quantum field theory. The book can be roughly divided into four parts: chapters deal with general field theory, functional integrals, and functional methods.

In chapters , renormalization properties of theories with symmetries are studied and specific applications to particle physics are emphasized. Chapters are devoted to critical phenomena. Chapters describe the role of instantons in quantum mechanics and field theory. Jean Zinn-Justin Abstract: Path integrals are mathematical objects that can be considered as generalizations to an infinite number of variables, represented by paths, of usual integrals.

They share the algebraic properties of usual integrals, but have new properties from the viewpoint of analysis. They are powerful tools for the study of quantum mechanics, since they emphasize very explicitly the correspondence between classical and quantum mechanics.

Physical quantities are expressed as averages over all possible paths but, in the semi-classical limit, the leading contributions come from paths close to classical paths.

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Thus, path integrals lead to an intuitive understanding of physical quantities in the semi-classical limit, as well as simple calculations of such quantities. This observation can be illustrated with scattering processes, spectral properties, or barrier penetration effects.

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It allows simple construction of a many-body theory both for bosons and fermions. The aim of the event was to familiarize the new generation of Ph.