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Discussion of FACE architecture

The API is a set of software methods that standardize control of the radios from the host platform and replaces the platform-specific protocols of individual radios with a single abstracted software interface mechanism. Open systems applications and architectures show great promise in lowering the cost and time necessary to create new applications and promote reusable applications across multiple dissimilar platforms and, eventually, across military branches.

Operating system and portable component applications-conformance testing is now underway, which will lead to filling the FACE Registry with reusable software capabilities.

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Stephen has more than 30 years of experience in design, reusable open systems software development, embedded systems integration, and product and business development in the software engineering, optical engineering, and military aviation spaces. Army, and Breault Research Organization.

The goal of FACE is to lower the cost and amount of time necessary to create open systems applications and promote reusable applications across multiple platforms. To facilitate collaboration with industry and academia, The Open Group created the FACE Consortium for the purpose of developing, publishing, and administering conformance to the specification. Today each military branch has and continues to require FACE in their proposals for any future capabilities. Finding a home for a reusable FACE architecture While the intent is to create hardware-agnostic FACE application software, at some point the software must find a home, a host, and target platform to fly within.

Implementation example Avionics plug-and-play can be achieved by combining open systems applications with open systems architectures. Next up Open systems applications and architectures show great promise in lowering the cost and time necessary to create new applications and promote reusable applications across multiple dissimilar platforms and, eventually, across military branches.

Creative Electronic Systems www. Additionally, the level of knowledge presented in each section is very good for a handbook, and very useful in practice it focus on the practical implementation and application of the topics. Bibliography for each chapter is from good to excellent, depending on the writer of each chapter. The reason of why I knocked a star from this review is due to three areas that I wasn't satisfied with.

Hardware — Modern avionics of civil aviation

These were the way the book is "edited" in some chapters, the lack of bibliography on selected chapters, the rather obscure paragraphs in some topics and the bias on a couple of discussions. The first and last "con" is due to the reason that this handbook is put together as a collection of papers instead of a book written by a small group of writers.

This leads to some difference on the level of depth in some chapters from being too basic to very detailed , and since the writers are former or current professionals in the specific areas there is some bias towards certain brands or systems, not being very neutral about their capabilities and characteristics. I read it as an introductory material to general avionics technology, and it definitely serves it purpose as a handbook on different topics about avionics.

For more in-depth analysis of certain topics e.

MIL-STD-1553B in avionics: where data networking has been and where it's going

One person found this helpful. Some good technical stuff in here. Format: Hardcover. Previously published as one volume, this book is now one of two under the general name Digital Avionics Handbook 2nd Edition. This book offers a comprehensive view of avionics from understanding the basic technology and components that make up the overall system. It includes examples of modern systems flying on the latest military and civil aircraft. There are 23 chapters in Elements, Software, and Functions, 13 chapters in Development and Implementation.

Avionics : Development and Implementation

They are written by experts in their individual areas. The authors come from industry and government, from both the United States and other countries. The subjects range from the 'lowly' battery to the latest in fly-by-wire technology. With so many subjects to be covered, this book is basically an introduction to the various fields. It is, nowever, an introduction aimed at the engineer who has been assigned to or may in the future have to work in this area.

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This is the second edition, published in and up to date as of the mid to later part of See all 3 reviews. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Aerospace Engineering: From the Ground Up. Ben Senson.

Principles of Avionics - 9th Edition. Avionic Systems Design. John R. Apollo 11 Colouring. Jennifer Delaney. Aircraft Digital Electronic and Computer Systems. Avionics Fundamentals Iap Training Manual.

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    Digital Avionics Systems : Principles and Practice. Avionics Troubleshooting and Repair. Edward R. Principles of Avionics, Third Edition. Gift Ideas in Avionics Aerospace Engineering.

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