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Despite globalization and stylistic unity-the striking thing is the different design initiatives of the examples shown in this book. To download this book, click here. Well, now you can have it all, too. In this book, I show you some of the best stuff around, and I tell you just how to go about putting it on your site.

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Toecutter-Palmistry: This book is about winning girls, especially girls you do not know. Thus it is about the first, opening stages of the relationship, not the later ones when trust and mutual responsibilities play dominant roles. The book will take you through a process of change, tweaking the way you interact with women and the world in order to have you take power in social interactions, find a rhythm and peace in the way you act, and put beautiful women into your life.

This book is really about becoming an attractive man. You are going to go out into the world with a curriculum, some things to say, to build confidence and learn charisma and how to be attractive. When you go out there you will be dealing with women during the early stages of a relationship; that is before the trust, mutual respect and friendship that are the hallmarks of an ongoing relationship are established.

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Everything about lines on your hands mean something and to learn it, this book explains each line with images, which is helpful for not only who are interested in Palm reading but for everyone to know the tricks of the trade. To download it, click here. It will show you all the necessary tricks which you can learn easily as they are explained with visually. This book explains the tricks which are easy to learn both for beginners and experts.

50 Steps to Business Success: Entrepreneurial Leadership in Manageable Bites

If you are flicking through the pages because you are keen to try and find ways to be better at what you do and to increase your chances of building a booming business, then you are looking in the right place. It is written for anyone who has a key role within a business.

The company is losing market share because it has not incorporated a new system that will help fast track ordering and billing. Richard the new director of operation decides to install a new system that will help improve these processes.

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However, he only informs the CEO of this change without involving other departmental managers. Richard comes up with a new plan that involves setting up a task force to inform every department of the need for a new system. In addition, he sets up regular meetings with other departmental managers in the presence of the CEO.

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This new plan gets much support because everyone feels involved in the process. It helps the company to improve its operations allowing it to compete with similar companies in the market. Richard failed in his first attempt to implement change because he was using an autocratic style of leadership Kreitner, The company was having problems in its core business and there was need for change. However, Richard and the CEO made the decision together to implement change without involving other managers. Therefore, they never accepted the new system because they did not acknowledge its importance.

This involved incorporating the views of other departmental managers in integrating the new system in the company. When these managers feel part of the change, then it becomes easy to roll out the new system. Each task force came up with its recommendations that were adopted in a round table meeting. While this involved allowing her subordinates to come up with certain decisions, she had control over the entire decision making process.

Her persuasive form of leadership also emerges when she spends a lot of time with her managers to implement the new system.

However, it is important to note that implementing the new system was her directive, and she used her authority to convince departmental managers to accept the system Lewis, The key learning points emerging from this article is that of leadership, change management, and labor relations. First, people are afraid of changing systems because they think it will make them redundant Harrington, As such, implementing change in an organization requires a lot of effort to convince employees. Thus, they were not willing to do things differently unless convinced otherwise.

Forcing ideas or changes on such people may yield a lot of resistance just like Richard encountered in the first place.

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Second, labor relations also emerge as the other learning point from the article Harrington, The fact that Richard and the CEO decided to listen and incorporate the views of other managers is a sign of democracy in the company. It justifies the presence of harmonious relationship between the management and employees. Finally, leadership emerges as another learning point from the article.

When the CEO and Richard realized that they could not implement the new system on their own, they changed the strategy. They decided to involve every departmental manager, listen to their inputs, and convince them on the need for change Wang, At the end of the process, every employee felt part of the changing system and decided to own it.

This made the process of implementing the new system easy, thus allowing the company to fast track its processes. One of the vital quotes from the article is where Richard decided to collect additional information about the causes of delays in filling and processing orders. Since this was one of the core tasks of the company, identifying the bottlenecks would help detect the departments involved. This would be a source of proof of inefficiency and would help convince such departments to adopt the new system to enhance productivity.

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By gathering the required information, Richard has enough evidence to convince the departments to adopt his new proposal to enhance efficiency and productivity Lewis, This action is a key element of effecting change in organizations because it identifies the source of the problem and provides a solution. The ideas presented in this article represent some of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the real world. For instance, effecting changes in organizations is a quite delicate process that require a lot of care. The feeling of becoming redundant and job cuts fuel this resistance Bhattacharya, As such, when entrepreneurs are involved in such processes, it is important that they include every employee to have a holistic approach to the process.

Otherwise, when some employees feel neglected, they generated resistance that may derail the whole process. Finally, the concept of leadership emerges as one of the key principles when applying change management Bhattacharya, When Richard realized that forcing the new system would create a lot of resistance, he adopted a consultative form of leadership. This proved useful because it enabled him to implement the new system with minimal resistance. This is a key principle that modern entrepreneurs can adopt when faced with such dilemmas. It signifies the importance of involving others in the change process for them to feel part of the process Cleveland, Otherwise, it would be chaotic to force the system on employees because they will do everything to sabotage it.

New Delhi: Global India Publications. Cardon, M. Managing human resources in small organizations: What do we know?

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Cleveland, P. Toronto: ECW Press. Dionne, S. Levels-based leadership and hierarchical group decision optimization: A simulation. The Leadership Quarterly, Volume 19, Issue 2 , Goossen, R.

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